Do Good Denim nominated as a Champion of Children for SAU 16!

By klmevents

Do Good Denim’s work within the SAU 16 was nominated as a Champion of Children this spring! The SAU 16 Annual Report shared:

“Perhaps the most important success of the 11 schools that comprise the third largest school administrative unit in New Hampshire, however, is the significant involvement of so many individuals in community service. In an economic climate that has brought a severe burden to many families, the outpouring of service projects by students of all ages speaks volumes about the “head, hearts, and hands” of the caring and commitment to helping others.
The “Do Good Denim Project” collected over 2500 pairs of slightly used jeans and distributed them to northern New Hampshire schools and communities that were severely impacted by the closing of mills and the resulting loss of hundreds of jobs.”

Evidence that small hands can do great works!

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